Review #1: eWallet (Tip of the Month October)

eWallet from Ilium Software is a professional password keeper program. Base of this test was the full version of eWallet 3.1. There are two programs available, a dektop-version of eWallet as well as a PocketPC version. The installation process is quite easy an intuitive. The user gets a lot of different card types for things that should be secret like „ID Card“, „Password“, „Insurance Policy“ and your girlfriends „cloth size“. You can access all entered data by one master password. The user interface is decorated with a lot of very nice icons and it makes fun to use. The program is very stable and does not require much system ressources. 128bit encryption ensures that your secret data can be savely kept. A backup of your passwords is very simple. You just have to copy the encrypted data file to a memory card. The only functional drawback i realized is that there seems to be no timeout for your login. That means, that if you loose your PDA and you were too confused to explicily logout/close the program after the last use, anyone can see your secrets. But hopefully the finder needs to make a hard reset because he doesn’t know the system password of your Pocket PC 🙂 The second drawback is, that the eWallet is quite expensive (compared to other password keeper programs) and that the dektop-version was not included in the price of the PDA-version. (ra / 27.10.05)

Installation Process:

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