Report #2: Cocktail Mixing Programs for Pocket PC


At this place a review about a Cocktail Program is supposed to be. Altough there are a couple of Shareware Programs and i really wanted to find one, i failed to install and evaluate them. I started with "Bartender 4.0" from L3Solutions. After installation the program prompted that i have to install AppForge Booster. Unfortunately this program is not distributed any more by AppForge. Next i tried to install "Pocket Bartender" from Neohand. The program required some Visual Basic Extensions, but i did not find any further installation instructions. Finally i downloaded and installed "Bartender’s Drink Encyclopedia" from Town Compass LLC, but the evaluation licence was to restricted to really test the program. I will keep on looking, maybe someone can give me a tip? (ra / 02.11.05)

I finally found one: IM Cocktails of INSIDEMind. It looks very professional and the Installation process was straight forward. There are plenty of different Cocktails and you can enter the available ingredients to find a suitable drink. Unfortunately an error (System.ArgumentException) occured, when i tried to perform this search. Some clicks later i had to make a soft reset because IM Cocktails was freezed. Maybe this error depends on my particular system installation (ra / 02.11.05)

Installation Process:

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